Especial "Vicent Ferrer Romero" Mentions

"La casa sota el temps" - Isaías Herrero Florensa


ESPECIAL MENTION VICENT FERRER to the best work in catalan language (1,000 €) to Isaías Herrero Florensa (Catalonia) with the work La casa sota el temps.



Isaías Herrero’s La casa sota el temps is an enquiry into the narrative potentialities that the computer offers us, thanks to the excellent work done by programming code and application of computing resources (kinetic images, sounds and verbal texts). The work urges us to read by following literary clues as signs for navigation, as instructions for how to move within the text. Literary word (and our capacity for interpretation) is what guides us towards a complex conceptual universe; similar to computer games but with a convincing use of Literature. Isaías Herrero explains: “Enigmas, linguistic games, digital prose and poetry, image and sound at the disposition of a virtual universe that, simply by it having been conceived, exists”.

La casa sota el temps (The house under time) is an exercise that attempts to immerse the reader in a virtual space, designed and programmed to give an experience that includes a multitude of interaction possibilities applied to a conventional narrative. An experience led by a narrative thread, where the reader is the main protagonist of a journey in which different media mix to give the user the freedom to explore and also to build the fictional universe that they desire.

Isaías Herrero Florensa

Isaías Herrero, freelance web designer, computer programmer and an expert on the great potential of the computer and internet, is the leading exponent of a new generation of writers and artists born in a digital medium. He is member of Eleven-Kosmos, a network of meta-artists. He was the winner of the 2nd Ciutat de Vinaròs International Prize for Digital Narrative with his work 21 días.

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